Creative Competence

We create desirable styles by incorporating trendy, avant-garde and decorative elements in all product categories.

We have always achieved a high class with client products in terms of style, coloraturas, quality, fit and sustainability.


Personalized Service with flexible volumes

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are located in the UK, USA, Italy, Poland,  with a diverse supplier and product portfolios. This also facilitates us to handle small and big volumes, as per demand.


We are compliant with international standards of quality certifications. We achieve this through a diversified supplier portfolio with a clear clustering of our suppliers as creative, multi product and price driven.


Execution Excellence

We take full ownership of our products with a stringent end-to-end supply chain management.

A thorough knowledge of styles, trends, research and excellent sourcing strength matches the perceived value of the product and helps us deliver fashion for less.

The right quality, size, ratio and on time delivery is followed with high standards of documentation is ensured to achieve the perfect order.

Price Elasticity and Quality

We are compliant with the international standards with quality certification. We achieve this through a diverse supplier portfolio.

We have a strong supplier pool from different sourcing regions for multi products. We engage in capacity booking with key production partners and we order follow ups with time and action calendars to achieve strict on time deliveries.


Global Sourcing Expertise

Expertise in techno economical sourcing globally starts from South and Central America, Europe, North Africa, Far East and South Asia, based on fashion players product requirement.

Multiple order processing like FOB, trims and all other material sourcing sharpens price with the motto ‘fashion for less and value for fashion’.

Product Delivery

With our product and manufacturing expertise, we are capable to produce and deliver goods within 4-6 weeks lead time, in some cases even 2 weeks. We prove that fast fashion can be done responsibly, and sustainable.